Overseas Expansion & Operation Support

In recent years, for it is difficult to secure IT Engineers in Japan only, demand for overseas expansion is increasing for the purpose of securing human resources. We provide you with one stop solution from planning consulting for overseas expansion to operation and maintenance after company establishment.

Business Meeting
First, consult an expert

In GIC, overseas experienced managers or advisors directly contact individual consultation.


――Consultation example――​

★I am interested in overseas development, but I do not know what to do specifically.
★I would like you to verify the overseas business plan you have created with overseas advanceers.
★I would like to know specifically what the service GIC offers.

Overseas experienced manager or advisor answers consultation. The first time is free. Anyone can consult regardless of industry type or business size. Method of consulting can be handled according to customers, such as visiting interviews and Skype interviews.

※Depending on the contents of the consultation, we may guide paid services.

Please feel free to contact us first​


Overseas Market Research Support​

An experienced consultant cooperates with the local staff to investigate the local market conditions.​

Tour Support

We introduces the office related to doing business, a variety of places to reflect on domestic situation.

Company of Established & Operated Support

We support enterprise planning for customer's request, procedure to start operation.

Myanmar staff recruitment support

We support planning advertisement strategy to recruit, contacting between employer and employee.​

Myanmar Job Fair

We create the opportunity to directcontact between excellent young Myanmar candidates and Japanese companies.​

Overseas Market Research Support​

Supported by overseas experienced consultants

The GIC Global Research Team offers overseas surveys and consulting based on experiences and achievements.

Retention multiple overseas subsidiaries

Since we have our bases in Myanmar, Philippines and USA, we offer backed up proposal by the workplace sensation.

One stop proposal through the cooperation with local partners

Even inThailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia and China where we don't have local  subsidiaries, adjustment of survey target person, interpreter arrangement, local accommodation / car arrangement, appointment adjustment / acquisition etc. will be handled all at once by cooperating with the local partners.

Creating material by statistical analysis and field survey​

Not only to analyze published statistical data,by conducting the survey that can only be done in local ,such as questionnaires and interviews in the cooperation with local  subsidiaries and partners, is possible to make proposal according to customer's request.

Tour Support​

We will propose an optimal visiting plan for customers who are planning to expand overseas and will support them locally.
Based on our experience of supporting a large number of enterprises, we will create draft plans such as the inspection of company,factory, office,visiting to local offices and human resource companies involved in company establishment, the guide of the places where you can understand the market trend and national character of local, according to customer's request, and our local staff will guide you on that day.

【Service Contents】​

  • Visa acquisition agency

  • Appointment to the company

  • Create a visiting schedule

  • Hotel reservation agency

  • Local airport transportation

  • Local car arrangement

  • Interpreter arrangement

  • Visiting attendance

  • Meal arrangements

  • Precondition


The following arrangements are not included in the estimation. Sorry to trouble you, please make preparation of individual responsibility by each customer.

  1. Purchasing air ticket​

  2. Drinking fee(including in meal time)

Company of Established & Operated Support

We will provide the advance supporting service by one-stop solution from consulting till company extablishment, employment and training, creating for every kind of company registration application documents, license acquisition, operation and maintenance support to enter Myanmar,Philippines and USA.
Even in a country which we don't have our local subsidiary,we will collaborate the local partner companies in each country ,so we can support the proposals accroding to customer's request as much as possible.Please feel free to contact us first.

Flow to company establishment

Myanmar Staff Recruitment Support

We are supporting as the local people recruitment agency service for hiring staff of local corporation.Our service scope is from the consulting about the content of job advertisement to the conclusion of employment contract.

Japanese / IT Training Support​

Our company support the service of dispatching Myanmar engineers to development sites in Japan beside consulting service for setting up local subsidiary.

For this reason, in our local subsidiary, GICM, we are opening the Japanese language school in preparation for working in Japan in future and the system where Japanese teachers are in full-time status is organized.

In this classroom, people who are employed can take the lecture via this service,so you can also correspond the Japanese language education.​

Local people recruitment agency service

1. Consulting of job advertising contents

2. Creating/Entrying job advertising

3. Application acceptance support

4. Trial Exam (CUBIC) * Upcharge

5. Consulting for screening documents

6. Pre-consulting for interview

7. Implementation of interview​

8. Conclusion of employment contract​

Myanmar Job Fair

In our company, we are holding the job fairs of Japanese IT companies in Yangon and Mandalay as guided around the first week (Saturday/Sunday) in October of every year*.

There are too many of job seekers to participate, not only having IT expertise but also having bilingual students and young people who can speak both English and Japanese, we aim for that they will work for Japanese companies and become active in the world and tends to be excellent also in Myanmar.

Even with average number of participants,there is over 1,000 people.Some of the participants actually joined our company and there is achievement that is active in the development field in Japan.

Because there is many students and young people of participants are understanding Japanese, the problem of communication in terms of language does not occur a lot.In addition, even people who have a lack of IT skills, since they can take lectures in IT classroom with Japanese language classroom offered by our company, so we prepared a system to skill up before starting work.

This year was the ninth time,  and held on online seminar as below.

  • On Thursday, October 1st, 2020, Mandalay City

  • On Thursday, October 1st, 2019, Yangon City

Sponsorship and interviewer are wanted to participate at any time.


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