Bilingual IT Engineer Support

We have a lot of Myanmar bilingual IT engineers who can also work as a bridge SE and excellent in languages of Japanese and English, and can interpret and translate, etc. We are supporting various occupations in various industries connecting Japan and the world.

About Bilingual IT Engineers

In the dispatching of IT engineers, ,along with globalization surrounding the development environment, the case where global correspondence (English etc.) is required also for dispatching IT engineers has increased.

In our company, there is IT engineers who are called as "bilingual IT engineer" and they have the skills to support globally in both Japanese and English.

Our bilingual IT engineer has the following strengths.

  1. Young people with the highest standard of education from Myanmar​.

  2. Logical thinking and susceptibility supported by education.

  3. High ability English and high ability Japanese in business.

  4. Excellent leadership and teamwork that can be demonstrated even at Japanese development sites.

  5. The motivition of holding high goals to work in foreign country

Bilingual IT Staffing Business

Engineers who have English language skill and IT skill in addition to Japanese language will respond to the projects under vairous circumstances.

Paid Occupation Introduction Business of Myanmar IT Engineer

Taking advantage of our existing know-how, we will bridge from local candidates to japanese domestic companies.

Bilingual IT Staffing Business​

An engineer of bilingual talent
Dispatch of Global SE [Global System Engineer (GSE)]

  • Globalization of system development (BSE support in India, Vietnam, etc.).

  • General IT engineer dispatch.

  • Bridge SE support for English-speaking countries and Myanmar / offshore development.

  • Data center maintenance support.

  • Supporting overseas enterprises to Japan.

Temporary staff of bilingual corporate staff who support company establishment and management business in ASEAN

  • Supporting of establishing a company overseas

  • Supporting overseas company management

  • Interpretation of English, Japanese and Myanmar

GSE holding skills​

Programme Language


OS / other MW

Example of service

Customer Assignment

We established the subsidiary companies in Southeast Asia, but apart from language barriers, there is also a barrier of culture , we can't communicate and can't allocate the work.

Customer Assignment

We accpeted the new Java project but we can not find any engineer who meets the condition even we contact any human resource company.

Customer Assignment

I want to sell my product in overseas, but I can not make a schedule because there is no staff who can write documents such as contracts and instructions in English.

Paid Occupation Introduction Business of Myanmar IT Engineer

Our Approach

To be able to provide new graduate recruitment model of Myanmar people IT engineers to our customers, we regularly host a joint interview for Myanmar students and young people since 2012.

Enhancement of Japanese language education and expansion of mid-career recruitment

In addition, our company is focusing on Japanese language education to train bilingual IT engineers, and a trained engineer has gained achievements on customer's site by starting from our company.Since 2016, we began to focus on mid-career recruitment and currently we have invited our engineers after having training in our Japanese language classroom.

Beginning the paid employment introduction of Myanmar IT engineer

From September 1, 2018 to acquire licenses for paid employment introduction business, we started a paid employment introduction business to sustainably support mid-career recruitment and training of Myanmar engineers. Through this business, we will contribute not only to Myanmar engineers but also to Japanese companies that do not have a network to secure overseas talent.

Comming soon

Service Target Person

  • Myanmar people who wish to work in Japan or who wantto be a Japanese resident

  • Companies that want to recruit foreign employee who have professional skills such as English and IT in addition to Japanese language but they don't have know-how for that.

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