Myanmar Offshore Development​

In 2012, we established GIC Myanmar Co., Ltd. as a local corporation subsidiary of offshore in Myanmar and we offer a variety of outsourcing and BPO services mainly for laboratory development and lump-sum order development. Offshore development can be implemented by reducing costs by about 20% over offshore prices of other countries.

Benefits of Myanmar Offshore​

The three keys to successfully leading offshore development are "development cost", "development resource", "quality assurance".

In offshore development which we are working on,

  • Development cost: 20% reduction of cost of other offshore countries​

  • Development resources: Secure scale person

  • Quality assurance: Project management by global standard (Japanese PM and delivery manager resident on site)

, and it is possible to conduct offshore development with confidence.

Characteristics of the Myanmarese

High affinity with Japanese

  • Unlike Chinese people who have strong personality,the character of Myanmar people is close to the character of Japanese people,so affinity is high and can be continued the development project like Japanese people.

Serious and honest

  • To be able to develop and test from a strict viewpoint.​

  • To be able to accomplish the instruction to the end .

  • Be wisely, to be humble if they do not know what they do not understand.

Benefits of GIC Myanmar​

1. All over the leader class are those who have worked in Japan

  • The longest is manager and has over 8 years experience.

  • Leader class has at least 3 years experience.

2. Advanced IT skills

  • All members are from technical university.​

    • The most are from UCSY of the highest university in Myanmar.

3. Advanced language level

  • All employees can communicate in English.

  • Except new employees, all employees hold qualification for Japanese examination.

    • Everyone the leader class gets JLPT's N1, N2 certificates.​​

4. Customer first principle

  • All our employees are committed to thinking customers first.

Offshore Development Case​

Inventory management system (heavy equipment rental)

Development System Name
Development System Name

Internal human resource system

Development System Name

Internal human resource skill management system​

Development System Name

customer operation management system for management

Development System Name

Internal weekly report management system

Development System Name

Logistics management system

Structure Chart

(the subsidiary of Myanmar)

Some departments omitted
Holding Skills​
Development Area
Programme Language/FW
Development Tool

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